lundi 30 août 2021

Laundry Make over day one.

 ( source: Chromatic)

Today, we are starting the laundry make over. This room is in between the kitchen and my craft room.
I have already done the kitchen makeover with my son in law a few years ago before selling the house when retirement arrives.
In the kitchen we have changed the sink for a white one.
The laundry will be painted in light grey and the furniture in ice blue.the painter is starting today and I think I will last the whole week. 
We will have the new boiler in mid October and it will be white instead of this orange.
I am still waiting for the windows and doors that should be coming in September.
The Autumn will be busy!
Autumn is already here!
I wish you a good week.

9 commentaires:

  1. You are making your house very nice! You are wise to have started when you still have 4 years to go. We say that we should have started some years ago! But because of my husband's health problems it was not possible. This summer has been good healthwise. Maybe he will have some more health treatments soon. But now we have most done and the house will soon be on the market for sale.

  2. Lovely to have a laundry make over...I wish I also could have it :)
    Yes Autumn is round the corner, I can feel it in the air.
    Hugs, Titti

  3. It's going to be pretty! Can't wait to see photos of the finished product.

  4. Autumn is a good time to do big projects.

  5. A very nice laundry make over!!
    Yes, Autumn is in the air. Today was definitely a sweater day.

  6. Your laundry room make over will be bright and fresh, and I'm glad you will be able to enjoy it. Autumn is fast approaching here.

  7. So nice for you to enjoy all your hard work for a few years before retiring Catherine, the laundry is one of those areas we sometimes forget about. Looking forward to seeing the end result 🌹

  8. Veel werk. Fijn als de klus klaar is. Ik ben benieuwd.


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