lundi 16 août 2021

Like a Monday!

Hello Friends,
 This is how we feel this morning!
Bandit has been busy walking , hunting moles in the garden and  having a long  walk with his dad. I feel about the same after this busy weekend.
My rose bushes are not very well! Too much rain I think, they are loosing their leaves which are stained.
I will be going to my little garden center this afternoon to have advices and get what is needed. After a  spectacular bloom this year I think they need some food to go through the coming winter.


I went to the garden center to get something for the rose bush  and I found two little carp koi. I bought a new hydrangea and some sort of Edelweiss. First and second picture.

There was nobody, the shop is nearly empty, they are preparing Autumn ! It was time to buy the last hydrangeas !
 I decided to plant hydrangeas of different kind, but white green and light pink under our trees as they like shade.
More work to do before planting new bulbs for spring.
I wish you a lovely week.

5 commentaires:

  1. It's always fun to go to buy new plants. I hope they do very well in your garden.

  2. I had a clump of edelweiss for several years but it died out this year. I will have to look for some more. It reminds me of our trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the mountains there. And of course the song.

  3. Your garden center is like a botanical park! Lovely choices. I like the idea of your hydrangeas. Are you going to plant tulips for spring?

  4. Can you send Bandit our way? Lots of moles this year! :)
    I love the hydrangeas and would love more in our yard.

  5. constant rains make dull so true dear Catherine ,your pet is cute and how nice he is great help to keep away moles :)

    i am glad you found your favorite flowers eventually ,hydrangeas look fabulous ,i love these flowers as well :)


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