mercredi 4 août 2021

Pumpkins in the garden and home ones.

 Hello Friends,

On our Sunday garden visits, I came across this glass pumpkin 

And bought it for my Fall decoration.

I found it very decorative and I rarely saw a glass one of that size.

I am growing pumpkins in the garden for decoration and for cooking.

Last Fall I made some in felted wool.

Here, we have Autumn weather! 12C in the morning and 17C in the afternoon and rain. We are not going on holidays for the moment, the virus is spreading again in France and we are waiting for better conditions…and for certainly a third shot…

Today, I am going to do some cooking and reading inside!

I hope you enjoy your day!

On Saturday, Mr L. Found me this ! And I had a necklace that goes with it. 

7 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful pumpkins, glass or real! How strange the weather is, with Europe in cold and rain and here we are in heat and drought. But we have to enjoy life as it comes! That's a pretty top Mr. L found for you.

  2. That glass pumpkin is very different. I like it. Also like the felted ones that you made.

  3. Your pumpkins are great. I do love fall decorations but that will be a long way off for me. It's still high summer here, and often hot.

  4. That glass pumpkin is pretty! I really like your wool ones too. And a cute top!

  5. Dear Catherine,
    your glass pumpkin is adorable. An eye candy! Rain and cooler weather here in Austria too. Time to put out the first autumn decorations.
    All my best and happy days

  6. The pumpkin was very beautiful!

  7. how lucky, your necklae goes beautifully with your new tunic


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