mercredi 25 août 2021

Time for Hazelnuts!

After the harvest on Saturday, now it’s time to thatch the field and then to plough it for Autumn.

 Our field, we had it cut three times this year, but with so much rain it has been growing again.

I found my hydrangeas Pinky winky on Saturday.( at the back)

The hydrangeas I had to move in June has given a small flower and is not dead.

This morning I found hazelnuts in the garden. Autumn is soon there.
The lamp I bought on Saturday is very nice at night.
Reminds me of Dubaï.
The flowers start to turn pink for Autumn.
This year, there are few hazelnuts , maybe caused by the weather.
Today, I am going to sew lavender sachets to put in the drawers.
Yesterday, I made apricot and peach jam.
I have problems with my internet connection and problems to leave comments again!
I visit your blogs and read them but sometimes it’s impossible to leave comments. It is also very long to download pictures.
I wish you a nice day.

Today, I baked a date and banana loaf for breakfasts.

4 commentaires:

  1. Date and banana loaf - ahhh - looks good ... I'd love to eat it. I'll keep an eye out on the internet. Many greetings to you. Great field that you have.
    I live by the maize field, this summer there was a lot of rain and a lot of sun and the maize is more beautiful than ever.
    Many greetings to you. Viola

  2. Your field and flowers are very pretty. I hate to think that Summer is coming to an end.
    I like that link!

  3. Someone down the street must have a hazelnut bush because there's a busy squirrel hiding nuts all over my garden, even in pots.
    My Sedum is also beginning to show some colour. It's a sure sign of Fall.

  4. Our hazelnuts are not ripe yet but the squirrels get them before they are.


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