mardi 27 juillet 2021

DIY on rainy days.

Between two showers I decided to make an Hydrangea wreath
Before the rain spoils them!

 Hello Friends,

These days are rainy days!

From 31C we are now 21C with heavy showers!

It is not possible to go in the garden and not possible to go in my she shed, too much rain.

So I decided to work on the felted wool sardines I have ordered from” Felt and dandy” on Etsy this winter.

I already made one blue tit and I have a second one to make, but for a change I try the sardines.

The explanations  are very clear and there is plenty of wool,.

I have three of them to make , before I put two of them in the sardine box.

It takes time to make!

Here it’s very quite, all my neighbours left for their holidays

And those who are still here are aged people who don’t go out anymore .

I hope the rain is going to stop, so I can do some painting outside!

We will have the painter mid August, the new windows in September and new boiler mid October!

I hope we will be able to go on holidays sometime in September!

Have a nice day!

4 commentaires:

  1. The Hydrangea wreath is very lovely and the felted sardines will be very interesting to see in the sardine can!

  2. Felting is fascinating to me. I like the results very much.
    We are now in desperate need of rain , with none in sight.

  3. Your wreath is so pretty! I like felted objects and those salmons turned out great.

  4. our country is having heavy rains either but not the city i live in .

    you did great use of indoor times :)

    all the best for all you want to achieve in coming months !


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