mercredi 13 octobre 2021

Some busy days.

 This morning we had fog and tomorrow morning the first frost! Already.

Today, was a busy day, preparing everything for tomorrow. The workers are arriving at 8 O’ clock.

So we have to get up early if we want a hot shower!

I have protected the machines and we have painted in black under the boiler.

I have prepared everything for them to work.

I ended the painting on the first part of the furniture.

Tonight I have cooked a “ pork filet mignon” with mustard, cheddar and puff pastry.

Some potatoes and made some yogurt.

And yesterday lamb with cider and apples.

5 commentaires:

  1. Good luck with all of your house projects.
    That looks like good autumnal eating!

  2. By the way, in response to your comment on my post, I also have issues after my back surgery. It was my second laminectomy and fusion, and now my back is stiff most of the time, and sometimes achy. My first surgery was wonderful, but not the second. Now I will just have to live with it.

  3. I hope all goes well when the workers come. Hopefully you won't be out of hot water for long.

  4. I hope your house projects go well. It sounds like you've prepared well. The two dinner dishes you've shown look delicious.

  5. I hope you are able to get that early shower before the workmen come! Everything looks ready for them to place the new boiler and have it look wonderful. You're not just a good cook; you're a chef! Wow, an early frost already! Your beautiful garden had a shock!


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