mardi 5 octobre 2021

New table project, cooking and baking day.

 (Source: charming decoration)

Hello friends,
Last night I was looking for a new table. Ours  is a very old one, I had painted it white in the past but we would like to change.
I have been looking for a long time for a round table, but the one I saw where too big and square or rectangular and brown…
I have seen this one on «  Charming decoration »
And reminded there was one nearly similar on Ikea’s website.

A round table is more convivial and takes less space.

It’s a table for six, which is enough for our small family. This will be our next visit to the shop on Saturday, get a new table before winter!

Have a good day.

This morning I prepared baked potatoes with cheese ( Tomme  de Savoie)
Then I prepared a fruit salad and an apple cake.
Outside it is 14 degrees and we are having sun and wind!

5 commentaires:

  1. So nice that you found just the right table! The food looks so good. Have a great day! :)

  2. The crust on your pie is so artistic! I like that Ikea table very much, and also the one from the magazine. I like round tables because I am clumsy and bump my legs into table legs and trestles very easily!

  3. I like that table!
    You are a talented chef - your food is beautiful!

  4. I like the round table that you found and hopefully will get at Ikea. Also, the food looks very delicious.

  5. Round tables are very pretty. Your recipes sound delicious, and the apple cake is beautiful!


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