mardi 26 octobre 2021

DIY ideas.

 Hello Friends,

Yesterday, I had a pumpkin in stock and I am used to bake vegetable crumbles , so I used my pumpkin with a bit of potatoes and fresh cream to make a crumble.

(Source: Pinterest the four pictures)

I found some ideas to use my dried oranges, mix it with cinnamon.

The pumpkin crumble was very good, it was the first time I made one. The day before I made a Tian , tomatoes and peppers with mozzarella.

Today, I think I will bake oatmeal cookies and add chocolate.

Tomorrow will be a day out as the weather forecast announced sun !

6 commentaires:

  1. All your cooking and baking sounds delicious. Would you share how you make your pumpkin crumble?
    It's good to get outdoors when the rain stops for it soon starts up again.

  2. In my last post I asked what my followers were making in their kitchens. You have answered that question. I will look up recipes for Tian. As a vegetarian I'm always on the lookout for new recipes using vegetables ( and cheese. We love cheese!!)

  3. I am curious about how you make pumpkin crumble. I only know dessert crumbles.
    I like all those ideas for dried oranges.

  4. I have a pumpkin crumble recipe - I better make it!
    I love what they did with the oranges and the candles.

  5. The Pumpkin Crumble looks so very good! And healthy, too. The pumpkin undoes the cream, ha ha. Your dried oranges are going to be so lovely this season. They look rustic yet so very elegant, I think.

  6. The ideas for decorating with dried oranges are very nice, I am sure you can make something nice! That Pumpkin Crumble looks very good!


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