vendredi 8 octobre 2021

Fall colours in the garden.


I went out in the garden, it’s a nice sunny day and I took some pictures of beautiful Fall!

Today, I have ordered some more bulbs from Netherlands. »Farmer Gracy »

I have ordered 200 bulbs to replace the one I had before.

Tulips , hyacinth and daffodils of nice pale colours.

I will be impatient to get my parcel of bulbs!

This is what I ordered today.

6 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful scenes of autumn. We have the wild pink cyclamen blooming in our woods just now, too.
    I bought bulbs and will plant them next week. Your garden will be beautiful come spring.

  2. Our fall blooming cyclamen are blooming too. Your fall looks much like ours.
    I ordered our bulbs several month ago from our equivalent of the Netherlands, our own Skagit Valley here in Washington State. They should be arriving soon.

  3. Ja in de tuin zie,voel en ruik ik ook dat de herfst begonnen is,de frisheid is er vanaf.
    Maar het voorjaar zal veelbelovend worden met al je bloembollen,De Keukenhof in Normandië;-)

    Lieve groet,Ger

  4. What lovely bulbs you ordered. They'll be so beautiful next Spring.

  5. Your bulbs are beautiful! You will be planting for awhile. We just got some in the mail yesterday, but only 50.

  6. What an incredible amount of beauty in your fall garden! Some of it is so subtle but once spotted, it is just breathtaking! Every season has its special beauty. LOVE those rosehips! I love it all, actually! Your pastel spring bulbs are going to be gorgeous. We plant ours in October, so I had better get busy, too.


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