mardi 26 décembre 2023

Butterfly garden.

Maxime ´s Christmas Day was with the butterflies ! The youngest is feeling better now and was pleased with his Christmas presents 🎁 

 Hello Friends, I hope you had a Merry Christmas ?

For us it was a miserable one!

I have spent Christmas in my bed with covid again. We both had covid, but Maxime’s other grandparents who lives in another country had covid too and the grandfather is in hospital.

Our son in law’s surgery went well, but we could not spend Christmas with our daughter so we stayed home. 

As I was not feeling very well for some time with another health problem I had anticipated our Xmas lunch which was in the freezer, but with no taste and smell it was not a success for me.

For my Xmas present, I had a pocket printer for my phone ( I already printed photos from Maxime) from my son.

Some scrapbooking items and embellishments from my daughter and a basket full of Italian goodies and a big panettone.

Some perfume and cosmetics from my daughter in law  , finally an air compression leg massager from my son

Well, now I am waiting for my clinic appointment on January the 3rd.

But, I am starting to feel a little better, so is the other grandma but we are worried for my daughter in laws’s father who is in hospital we are hoping he feels better soon, they already know they will keep him for two weeks.


4 commentaires:

  1. Prayers for DIL Father! And I'm so glad that Maxime and you are on the mend!!
    Sorry about your Christmas...Next year will be wonderful!

  2. Hello Catherine, it is not good that you and some of the members of the familiy are ill. I wish all of you speedy recovery. I also wish you Merry Christmas for the rest of the holiday. You are on my mind.

  3. Cute picture and video!

    Get well soon. đŸŒș We had some sniffles and sneezing here too and had to postpone the family visits.

  4. So sorry that you are still not feeling well. COVID just won't quit you.
    Thank you for the cute video of Maxime. He is really getting around!


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