jeudi 21 décembre 2023

Nothing is going right!

(Source : places to see before you die)

This picture is a the wonderful Xmas market in Strasbourg ( Alsace east of France)
I have been there and it is a wonderful Christmas spirit!

 Hello Friends,

As I told you , my husband had covid and I have a serious health problem and now I have covid myself!

Yesterday we had to go to the clinic urgencies and I stayed all afternoon with a painkiller perfusion.

Now we have violent storm which should stay until Xmas and big power cut!

I hope it won’t be too cold as I don’t feel well with covid.

I am sure you are preparing Xmas, but 

it won’t be for me again ( three covid at Xmas!)

But nevertheless I lighted Xmas candles and I hope next Xmas to be better!

Maxime is also I’ll and has got high fever for three days and also had to go to the urgencies

Yesterday like grandma.

My son in law’s surgery is tomorrow.

Nothing is going right this year…

Hope you enjoy your  Xmas preparations ! You must be very busy. See you soon.

10 commentaires:

  1. I am so sorry for all of your troubles. While it might not be "Merry", I wish you a peaceful and comfortable Christmas.

  2. I'm so sorry. I have given up this year, being felled by a very nasty virus, so I know how you feel. I do hope things improve soon.

  3. O how bad it is. Yes, the violent storm is here too. I pray for you xxx

  4. Dear Catherine. I am so sorry to read of the illnesses in your family. There are so many people ill with viruses of one sort or another. And a storm to top it off. Take good care of yourselves. I will pray that you soon feel better, and that you will have a good Christmas, even though it will be very quiet. I hope Maxime soon feels better.

  5. Oh sweetheart! I'll be praying for you and your son and Maxime!
    Things will get better!!
    Merry Christmas Friend!
    Have a wonderful Day!

  6. Oh take care now! Have a peaceful and calm CHRISTMAS...
    The covid is here also.
    Warm winterhug from Titti

  7. I am sorry that so many of your family are ill. My husband and I had COVID a year ago this past October and I know it's not fun. May you begin feeling better soon so you can enjoy Christmas.

  8. First of all, I send you warm greetings and best wishes that you get better as soon as possible and that yours also have the most positive progress possible.
    Yes, definitely light the candles and think positively as much as you can... for example, about this wonderful Christmas market in Strasbourg. Thank you for this impressive picture. There is so much we still have to see!
    Christmas greetings and warm hugs from Viola

  9. So sorry to hear. I am sending you the best wishes, may you all feel better soon. I hope you find some good moments and Christmas blessings!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about the challenges you and your family are facing. Wishing you strength and a swift recovery. Your resilience in lighting Christmas candles amid difficulties is truly inspiring. May the storm pass quickly, and healing come your way. Take care, and sending positive thoughts for better days ahead.



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