vendredi 1 décembre 2023

Christmas spirit .

This morning , early morning as there are three hours difference with Dubai, my son has sent me a picture of the Dubai Mall Xmas tree.
We are both fans of Xmas decorations and Xmas spirit!
These pictures are from our nearby garden Center.

 Enjoy your Xmas decorating!

( I had a mail from my shop I have sold again and must put some new items to sell!)
We are having snow ⛄️ !

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh how pretty! They're all so pretty!
    I'm working on my tree!

  2. I love Christmas decorations too. Today we'll begin the process of putting up the big tree, but we also have a party to go to.

  3. Nice Christmas decorations! It is good that you and your son are fans. So, we can enjoy your writings and photos of this holiday.
    It was snowing yesterday here. If I look out I can see a white small park and a street.


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