jeudi 28 décembre 2023

Dear Christmas card!

Today, Max is at « Miracle garden » in Dubaï.
I already put some pictures on my blog about it.
( source: internet) it is a beautiful garden in the desert 🐪  mum and dad are on Christmas holidays and Maxime is exploring Dubaï !

 Hello Friends,

Yesterday the postman rang at the gate, I wondered why? Because I was not waiting for any parcel.

He told me he had a small paquet for me, but I had tax fees to pay ( custom fees) 9 euros ( around 9 $)

Well! I asked him where was the paquet 📦 and where did it come from?? From United Kingdom 🇬🇧 

In fact the small paquet was a Christmas card of 20 grams ! It was the yearly Christmas card from the people I lived with during one year in Wiltshire.

How a letter of 20 grams could be so expensive ?

I usually have some news in a big letter about all the family ( so I did not refuse the letter and I paid, but this time his wife just noticed that he was ill and could not write.  they are over 80 and we wrote to each other for 40 years, so there must be something serious. 

In the afternoon I phoned the post and they said it was the customs who fixed the price! I had the same letter last year and did not pay anything ???

But it is still the dearest Christmas card I ever received 😆 !

I wish you a good day!

4 commentaires:

  1. What beautiful flowers and a cute little boy! :)
    The postcard is expensive, but you couldn't help but pay.

  2. Maxime is just so cute! He looks like he is having fun.
    It's crazy how customs works.
    My daughter found more of the little houses and made them as decorations for Christmas. She brought them along with the ones they made from you and little battery operated candles to decorate our tables for our Christmas dinner. It looked so pretty!
    When I come back to blogging next week I'll share some pictures. She instructed me to show you how she used them. :)
    Hope you are feeling well! See you soon!

  3. Aww, Maxime is adorable amongst all the flowers! What a beautiful garden!!
    Goodness! That's ridiculous a price for a small card!! But I also would have accepted it. We have friends in England we met on a cruise ship in 1980...we've kept corresponding every Christmas for all these years, as well.
    Glad you all are feeling better!

  4. What an amazing garden. Pretty cute little boy too.


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