dimanche 3 décembre 2023

A vintage doll.

This week I saw this doll in one of the shops and this doll reminded my of a kind of dolls I saw in the 80’s

But can’t remember the name of the brand. Do you know the name of that doll brand???

 I had to go back to my shop this morning.

I received a mail last night informing me that I had sold an item and as the shops are opened on December Sundays I got up early cleaned and packed more items and went to the place.

Then we went to Saint Nicolas Xmas market to the water mill close to where we live. I forgot to take pictures of the Mill… we bought home made Xmas jam, ginger bread, bread made with the mill flour and cupcakes!

Here it is winter quite cold and expecting a little snow ⛄️. This weekend the shop will be crowded and I will see tonight when I receive the mail if I have sold anything ??and go down to the shop tomorrow morning…

Have a nice Sunday.

I found the same doll « A Sarah Kay » dolll!

Exactly the same one on the net!

My husband reminded me the name I was looking for.

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