mercredi 13 décembre 2023

Christmas 🧚 🧚‍♀️ 🧚 !

Christmas presents arrived from France!
One gift has been opened today!
Something special to learn French and English.
But more gifts to come on Christmas Day!

This is what I did this morning.
Four chocolate bars white, milk and dark.
Put them in the oven 50 degrés C
 For about 10 to 15 minutes.
(Source : cookist  wow)
Then you add cookies, nuts, raisins, peanuts…
Put it in the fridge for two hours then break it into pieces and put the pieces in bags or in jars.
I have put them in jars and will have to decorate them.

One Christmas when my son came for Xmas we went to visit a castle in Falaise Normandy and I showed him and my day in law a vintage Xmas shop windows mechanical dolls. They all come from shops in Paris.
And last year we visited the chateau champ de bataille 
Near our home. I like the fairy atmosphere of Christmas!


4 commentaires:

  1. The little videos are full of magic - what a wonderful place to visit. Maxime looks very happy with his early Christmas present. I'd love a piece of that chocolate bark!

  2. That photo of Maxime is just adorable! He just gets cuter all the time.
    Your chocolate bark looks good.

  3. Maxime must be happy to get your presents. I can see this feeling on his face.

  4. Little Maxime! How beautiful and happy he looks! All of our language toys here in Texas teach English and Spanish. Since we border Mexico.
    I Love the videos! How beautiful is the table setting!!


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