vendredi 1 décembre 2023

December the 1rst!

Hello Friends !
This morning I lighted the first advent candle!
Happy December and advent to you!

I also opened my craft advent calendar from “Daphne’s diary” from the Netherlands.
In the first little drawer there are cute little labels to place the people round the table, but I will use them next year my son won’t be able to come , my DIL being expecting her second son and will not be able to fly and my son in law will have a surgery on December the 22 dn and will not be able to move. 

The amaryllis was supposed to be white and pink???
Yesterday I received a parcel from Mari in the USA
🇺🇸 and I was really happy with her gifts and Xmas cards it it so nice of her! From “My little corner of the world 🌎 “ thank you so much Mari ,Bob,Ruby and Alaina for the beautiful Xmas cards!
I also received miniatures for my mice house!
As soon as I unwrapped the scrapbooking items I started to think about what I could do?

And I did this in the afternoon!
This is very relaxing!
 Today, we are December the 1rst the advent time is beginning. I did not finish my Xmas decorations yet, but I think I ´ll work on it this weekend. Maybe buy the Xmas tree.

I wish you all a nice advent and a nice December!

5 commentaires:

  1. Hello Catherine, I love December, Advent and Christmas. I've put out my decorations. I have an Advent wreath on my front door. It means to those who come to me that I am waiting for Christmas.
    I hope that your knee will be better and you are able to relax.
    I wish you also a nice Advent and a nice December. Love, Éva

  2. What a nice gift from Mari! And sorry about your family not coming for Christmas...

  3. The little placecards are so cute. I'm sorry your son can't come. I hope you will be able to see them soon after your new grandson arrives!
    I'm so glad the package arrived and you can use it!

  4. My decorations are up except for the big tree, and it is out of the box! I should br done this weekend. This morning we attended a brunch with teacher friends, a good start to December.

  5. Hello Catherine,
    My decorations will go up slowly over the next couple of weeks. We will light the first Advent candle on Sunday and I must get it organized. What cute placecards you have. I hope all goes well with your son and daughter-in-law and the new baby and Maxime.


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