mardi 12 décembre 2023

A busy day.

While shopping I found this to make cinnamon rolls 😋 

(Source ZZZOe)
(Source: ZZZOe)

 Hello Friends 

Today, was a busy day! It started to the petrol station, then down to my shop it ends on Friday and the items I did not sell I will leave them and they will be sold and the money will go to associations that helps people in need. So nothing to bring home!

Then I went to the frozen store. They have very good Xmas dishes and as we will be only the two of us on the 24th I bought our meal before the rush hours! 

On the 25th I have ordered part of the meal and my daughter ordered the rest.

I went home and had my lunch then went to the post office to send my Xmas mail and went to buy a perfumed candle with a voucher I got when I bought my Xmas tree.

It is a nice perfume “fur  tree “đŸŒČ 

And I went to do the food shopping in the supermarket close to home.

Maxime received his Xmas presents I posted

Some presents were for Xmas and others for now, so he was very pleased with his present!

I just had him on Skype and he looked very happy 😊!

Now I am home relaxing. Yesterday I continued to sort out my cabinets and we will donate books and many things we don’t have the use on Saturday.

Today I feel tired but I did all I had to do, so I am pleased.

Tomorrow some more baking !

2 commentaires:

  1. Yes, you have been busy. This is a busy week for us too. Yesterday besides house cleaning and laundry, we went to the medical center where I had a spine injection. Today we are heading out with a friend for our Christmas shop field trip. Wednesday I have another Dr appointment . Thursday we will travel about an hour away to spend time with my sister. Friday is friends breakfast and grocery shopping. Saturday my kids and grandkids are coming to make sugar cookies with sprinkles and gingerbread cookies with piped icing. Sunday my two grands are coming to make lefse and Fatigmand. Monday I'll clean house again, and then it will be time to get serious about actual Christmas. Gifts will get wrapped in between.

  2. It is a good feeling to be pleased and have a rest after being busy.I hope you could sleep well and have time to relax, too.


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