mercredi 6 décembre 2023

Xmas Spirit.

Last year I had white amaryllis, but this time it is red( should have been white and pink…)

This morning I continue to sort out all the decoration pieces I have in order to sell and clear the house!
Two chandeliers with tassels I have painted long ago.
It must be hanged  to see it well.

I did not decorate my tree yet, but as it is a real one I lower the temperature and spray it with water and i can smell the forest 😆 
These are some decorations I started to install 

 Today, we are having a sunny and cold weather but a nice winter day!

This afternoon I have some cooking and baking to do . This morning I prepared the items I am going to bring to my shop tomorrow morning as I have sold again yesterday! We will see tonight!

6 commentaires:

  1. i can feel the Christmas spirit in your house now.

    anyway, i followed your blog. i'm your follower number #40. Hope you can follow back, too. Thank you.


  2. Our tree (a real one) is still sitting outside in a bucket of water. We will put it up in a week or so. I baked shortbread yesterday and hope to make something else today. If I visited your shop, I would purchase your chandelier. I love those crystal pieces.

  3. Today I sliced and baked the cranberry swirls I formed and froze yesterday. Then I prepared the dough and the filling for the apricot foldovers, which Tom and I will form and bake this afternoon.

  4. I like your tree! You'll have to show it again when it's decorated.
    Glad you keep selling!

  5. I like the smell of the trees. It belongs to Christmas atmosphere and the smell of sweets.
    I hope you will have time to have some rest, too. Have a nice day!


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