dimanche 2 juillet 2023

Childhood memories

The place where I have spent my childhood with my parents.

Hello friends,

Today, my son left for Dubaï yesterday and we only are the two of us. We had to go back to the cemetery to see if all was correctly done and to pause for a moment.

Then we decided to go down to the village where  I have spent my childhood and to a Abbey and it’s Medieval gardens to meditate in the peaceful places that are churches and beautiful Abbeys.

This is a rose field in front of the Abbey church.
The scented garden

The inside of the Roman architecture Abbey
The entire building 
The front

The gardens
On top is the Dover of peace

This is the village of my childhood 
The inside of the church 
The narrow little

This Hector Malo s’ house ( do you remember “ en famille » and « sans famille » ? It became a Japanese cartoon)
The houses built with the stones from the cliffs behind the village 

 This is a view from the inside of the Abbey
The river Seine were we went walking to the village .

We had a peaceful day together and we decided to come back next weekend my husband having invited me to a restaurant with the view on the river where we met 40 years ago.

7 commentaires:

  1. Wow! So much beauty! Thank you for inviting us back to your childhood places. I so enjoyed this.

  2. There is so much to admire in the area where you grew up. I like the houses made with local stone and the beautiful old Abbey with the lovely gardens.

  3. You must have had nice childhood in this place. It was good to read that your husband invited you where you had met him for the first time.

  4. Beautiful scenes from Normandy, Catherine. The old abbey is lovely, and the rose field in front is really stunning. I was on a river cruise on the Seine a number of years ago and passed villages - I wonder if this was one of them.
    Take time to care for yourself as you grieve the loss of your mother.

  5. How lovely to see the field of roses, I would love to have been there. Such a comforting place to visit after a bereavement.

  6. What a lovely opportunity to enjoy the peacefulness of the beauty around you.


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