dimanche 23 juillet 2023

A rainy Sunday.

I bought two kilos green beans from the market yesterday and this morning I peeled them , I baked a tuna, cheese and corn loaf for our lunch with a garden lettuce and cooked tomatoes. I also prepared radishes for tonight salad.
Yesterday I also bought a new muffin baking tray and just baked cranberries and white chocolate muffins.

I had a Skype with Maxime , but he was not feeling too well because of his teeth. But a few minutes  later he was dancing , so funny to see him dancing!
His other grand mother is coming to stay in Dubai as her daughter can’t travel for the moment and my son is going to Greenland for a photography stay.

I am impatient to see Maxime in November when it is cooler!

Today it is a rainy day, but we are lucky 21 degrees C and rain for the gardens.


3 commentaires:

  1. That's a lot of green beans. All the food you make looks delicious.Cranberry and white chocolate muffins sound yummy.

  2. Fresh green beans are so good! Our church has a table where people put fresh produce if they have extra and today there was a lot of green beans so I took a bag. Looking forward to eating them.
    Your food looks so good.
    Glad you get to skype with Maxime, but seeing him in person will be so great!

  3. We love green beans...and your muffins look delicious!
    I know you're impatient to once again see your Maxime! Grandchildren are wonderful!


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