lundi 24 juillet 2023

Furniture transformation.

This morning I worked on my chest of drawers. I have done the second layer of varnish and finish my transfer.

Now it is drying and finish. Tomorrow I can put everything in place on top of it.

I have used all the transfer on both sides.

 Next time the wardrobe transformation !

Today, it is cool and rainy, nice for the garden, saves water!

I wish you a nice week.

7 commentaires:

  1. How nice it is! :)
    The weather is hot here. 36.7C.
    After going to my place of birth I am at home again.

  2. Oh Catherine! It turned out lovely!! Well done!

  3. Very lovely!! We also had a cooler day today and at last we had rain!!

  4. Het ziet er mooi uit. Het lijkt wel geschilderd.

  5. You've done a beautiful job on your furniture! It looks so pretty!


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