mercredi 14 septembre 2022

Autumn is coming!

 (Source ZZZOe)

Autumn is really arriving! 
While we were away the spiders had a festival in the house! This morning I did some cleaning and found an idea last night on Lorrie’s blog. I had peaches 🍑 and baked a peaches pie this morning. «  Fabric paper thread »

I tasted it for lunch and it is delicious !
It will be soon time for Autumn cleaning 🧹.
The laundry is finished ,then the ironing to do . on Saturday I am going to get wool and start to knit 🧶 
Tomorrow I will have my hair cut and do some shopping. Bandit is still very tired and had his bath yesterday before going to bed and is all clean now!
 It’s nice to go on holidays, but also nice to come back home!

2 commentaires:

  1. It seems like there is a lot of work to get ready for a holiday and then a lot more when you get back home!

  2. Your peach pie looks delicious! The spiders are doing lots of work here, too, and I am behind them with my broom and cleaning supplies!


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