lundi 5 septembre 2022

Appingedam third destination

Hello Friends 
We are now in Appingedam  in a B&B 

W the B&B was the ancient school of  an old Synagogue.
But here the people are Mennonites for the majority.
They were persecuted and escaped to other countries such as America. I also saw very big barns attached to the house in bricks made me think of  the Amish barns I saw in Massachusetts, but these ones are in wood, but the have about the same shapes and are so big.

Today we visited the countryside as all the museums are closed  on Monday.

We went to walk 2km above the water off lake and saw the wild birds.

These are old kitchens 


It was hard for me to keep my balance and walk straight !
We begin to relax after all the problems we had before leaving. Tomorrow we are going to change our destination after we visited the museums!

5 commentaires:

  1. I would be terrified of falling off that walkway.

  2. I'm enjoyed the architecture and the canals. Very pretty!

  3. The old Dutch villages are so beautiful!
    My balance is way too bad to walk on that pier!

  4. How interesting to read about Mennonites in the Netherlands, because that is where my Mennonite ancestors originated before immigrating to Ukraine. It's a beautiful village with the pretty canal.

  5. That looks like a lovely B & B. I love the look of the old buildings with the water seemingly everywhere.


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