lundi 26 septembre 2022

Still life.

This past weekend was busy, on Saturday we went to change our internet provider and it was laborious ! Tings go so quickly nowadays… I decided not to give up and subscribe to some courses to stay «  Connected ! »  and update my knowledge !
Mr L we to take the dog for a walk in the forest behind our home and brought some mushrooms for my Fall decoration and I went to the garden to get my little apples between two showers.
I also went to get a new pumpkin for my mantel decoration, I like the velvet shades.

I found the brooch nice for Autumn . During my holidays I bought this oversized coat and this cotton dress for mid seasons. They are both very confortable 
I knitted a snood to go with it.

Yesterday I cooked and baked , a crumble and a « Carbonade Flamande » typical dish from the north, beef meat cooked in beer with mustard on gingerbread usually with french fries, but we have it with steamed potatoes.

I know the recipe, but I saw it in « my magazine « Esprit d’ici » and it gave the idea to cook one.
It cooks for three hours but it so good!
I hope you enjoy your week!

3 commentaires:

  1. What lovely additions to your autumn wardrobe you bought. I like the flying duck pin, as well. The autumn still life is very pretty and apt for the season. How delicious the Carbonade Flamande must have been!

  2. Your still life looks wonderful. I like the velvet pumpkin and I like the red one too. They complement each other.
    Very nice new clothes. The brooch is perfect for Fall.

  3. Love your fall decor and especially the velvet pumpkin! Oh that is gorgeous....

    Any recipe which cooks for 3 hours, has to be delicious! Slow, long cooking is wonderful, and special in cool temps.

    Gentle hugs,


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