vendredi 23 septembre 2022

Autumn cooking 🥘

 (Source ZZzoe)
After a very long and too hot Summer, Autumn is welcomed !  🍂 we have now a cool weather and some rain. The sheep and horses have grass too eat and the plants rain to strengthen again.

Last night I used what I had in the fridge and baked a broccoli quiche. I had a ready made pastry and used 4 eggs, low fat cream and some feta I had in the fridge.
MR L eating sandwiches and salads in a rush every 
Day for lunch, as you can see there is a few left today!
The lawn is green again

The horses are sleeping and sheep are grazing quietly.

All Summer the sheep have been asking for food all days, nobody came and I am glad they now feel better.
 Autumn cooking 🍳 is starting ! 

Happy Autumn !

4 commentaires:

  1. I made Pumpkin pies yesterday-- much to the joy of my family. For us that's truly an Autumn dessert.

  2. I like the change in what we bake in the Fall too.
    The scene with the sheep and horses is so peaceful!

  3. It is time for apple cakes and apple pies here now!

  4. Oh yes, Autumn cooking!

    Autumn everything!

    Gentle hugs,


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