mardi 27 septembre 2022

Today’s plans

During our trip to the Netherlands we stayed in a hotel in the Waden sea and the view from the window on top of our bed was not a frame but the sea.
When I entered the room I was disappointed by the view and did not sea this window…

Nearby was a small sea museum with ships 🚢 models
They all were beautifully made.

Sea birds eggs

A wooden carved whale and her baby

 We enjoyed the visit.

Since I came home my blood pressure is heigh because I had salt during my holidays, so good Dutch cheese and local farm food! Even if we have walked 60 km.
So Mr L gave me another treatment and I have to  use this 20 mn each day of course no salt.
Next time we will rent flats and I will prepare my own cooking 😞.
Today it is raining ( all the week) typical Normand weather back! But all is green again!
I have done my exercises and now wait for the new internet box to come . I am listening to some violin and watch the rain falling next I will prepare today’s dinner 
And maybe make some bread.

What are you planning for today?

Instead of making bread, hedgehogs 🦔 squirrels 🐿 and snails 🐌 came into the house!
Some are doubled with chocolate paste for Mr L!

4 commentaires:

  1. That was quite a hotel! I just posted a blog so I'll let that answer what I'm doing.

  2. I love all those sailing ships!
    The cookies are adorable.

  3. What a lovely collection of sailing ships, and such an interesting hotel. Your animal cookies look delicious, and baking is a great way to spend a rainy day. I so wish it would rain here.

  4. What an interesting hotel!!!

    Ahhhhh, the 'salt issue'... And necessity for exercise... -sigh-

    But we know we are not alone, with maintaining health issues!!!!

    Gentle hugs,


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