lundi 25 avril 2022

My favorite flowers and Rouen

 Just to wish you a good week!

( I will have 25 flowers.  ).  My taxi is booked for tomorrow morning to go to Rouen hospital 
7.30 am one hour drive in the traffic jams of the morning!
Then wait I expect all morning  for the exams, but I hope to get my right eye back to normal…
Yesterday, afternoon we have been working in the garden
And I have planted salads and sunflowers 🌻 sunflowers.

These are views from Rouen in Normandy, but tomorrow no time to stroll in the narrow streets.

2 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Catherine, I hope your trip to Rouen is good and that your eye problems will be quickly resolved. Your peonies are gorgeous!

  2. We loved our stop on Rouen. Good luck tomorrow.


Working hard on our project.

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