mardi 6 juin 2023

Lovely weather, but busy week!

First, thank you for your messages.Maxime had a good night and the fever lowered. They have tested him for covid and Flue and he has flue in June ( how strange?)
But he is going to kindergarten and since then they all three are ill. But when you are far away it is difficult to know exactly what the situation is.

Last night I registered on an Application “ too good to go” it is about the unsold food during the day, instead of throwing them away you can get them for a very good reduced price. I had these fresh donuts for 7 euros instead of 20 and this afternoon plants and flowers for 10 € instead of 40, but you don’t know in advance what you’ll get it’s a surprise basket! We will see.tonight I ‘ll try a grocery basket.

 The peonies have finally bloomed!the gas has been repaired yesterday and tomorrow I have dentist and cardiologist appointments. 

Hope you have a nice day!

3 commentaires:

  1. I'm happy to hear that Maxime is doing well.
    The peonies are beautiful and the donuts look delicious, but I would need to stick to vegetable delivery. :-)
    I have a cardiology appointment today and Tom just went to the dentist a few days ago. Similarities.

  2. "Too good to go" sounds like a thrifty and also a fun surprise! If we had something similar I think I'd be tempted to try it.
    I'm relieved that Maxime is getting over his flu.

  3. We use to have a "day old bread" store here but, no longer...sadly.
    Glad Maxime is better!!


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