jeudi 8 juin 2023

When you are grandparents!

The Mexican boat, my favourite arrived in Rouen Armada

( source internet Normandy tourism)
They are arriving in Rouen!

These cardboard toys are 1,42 m

 Hello Friends, this morning 8 I went to my MRI , I will got results on Monday and this afternoon I have to go to the garage  to have my car updates.

I am having a look at second hand baby items for Maxime’s arrival and got a chair on internet from grandparents living in my village. They will add many free items and tomorrow afternoon I will got a baby cooking device to another village close to mine.

And grandpa bought these three big cardboard toys 

A rocket, a castle and a log cabin! Grandma will have to color all three before Maxim’s arrival!

We will organise a stay in a Safari park in Normandy!
Where we used to go with our children and maybe stay two days in a lodge close to the lions.

The Tall ships are arriving in Rouen , the bridge was opened all night and it starts this weekend during 10 days. This is called the “Armada”

I hope you spend a nice sunny weekend!

Thi is the chair I am going to fetch.

4 commentaires:

  1. Well done! Our Sloane is our Great grandchild. I've bought many second-hand toys, chairs, as well. Everything is SO expensive!
    And I Love the cardboard forms! Wish I'd had them around for my children and grandchildren...
    Praying for a good outcome on your medical testing!

  2. Preparing for your grandchild's visit is so much fun. I remember when I used to do that, fetching many things out of our own attic, where we had stored our children's things. When My grands were babies they lived in Colorado, 1500 miles away. They came to stay every summer with their mother for a week or more, maybe twice. We went there too. Then when they were six and eight they moved here and live only 15 away.

  3. The large cardboard toys will be so much fun for Maxime. I can tell that you are enjoying preparing for his arrival. I hope your MRI results are good.

  4. That castle and log cabin will be so much fun for Maxime when he's a bit older. Or maybe even now. The high chair looks in excellent condition and how nice that you'll get free stuff as well.


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