vendredi 2 juin 2023

June 6th D-day anniversary in Normandy.

This is on Omaha beach. This statue is commemorating
The D-Day on our beach in Normandy.
( these pictures are from the net , I can’t find mine)
I have been there many times on that day, with our children.
We went many time to the cemeteries and the museums.

( from the net)
This is “Sainte Mere Église”
You have the parade and many US Army parachutes 🪂 jumps in a field close to the village.
When going  from the town of Caen  many historical vehicles on the motorway going to the place.

 Soon it will be June the 6th, our veteran day here in Normandy. Jake Larson 100 years old has arrived in France for our commemorative day. One of the last veterans, I saw him on TV today.
All the veterans that are still alive already arrived in Normandy. Next year it will be the 80 th anniversary and Mr Larson said he will be there!

3 commentaires:

  1. When We were in Normandy we were impressed with how sacred these places still are to the French.

  2. We visited Juno Beach several years ago, where the Canadians landed. And the Commonwealth cemeteries. Such a sad time for the world, but good prevailed.
    One of our nearby streets is named Caen, and another Falaise, by veterans of WWII who had spent time in France.

  3. God Bless all Veterans who love freedom!


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