dimanche 18 juin 2023

Too hot đŸ„” again!

This rose bush is full of bees.

 Hello Friends,

We are back home with 34 degrees C! Too hot for me!

It was cooler at the sea and we ´ll try to go back during this summer again.

The garden needed watering , but we had some rain during the night and this morning and  we have lost some degrees for the day! Next week will be very hot đŸ„” so better go out today.

Maxime is now walking and repeating words, he had his nursery party before the holidays.

Before leaving home we have been to the Armada in Rouen.

The biggest Tall ships meeting 42 boats, 7 kms.

This is the end tonight and there will be the parade to the sea all day. We have been on a Tall ship ⛴️ on the parade  with our children on a boat some years ago and it was a fantastic experience !
I hope you are all enjoying this Summer!

7 commentaires:

  1. It is good to read that it was good at the see. Look after yourself in hot weather. I will do the same.
    The shops are very nice, Maxime is cute.
    I am at home from France and having some rest now.

  2. It was very cool here this week, but hot weather is coming next week.
    I love the tall ships!
    Look at Maxime! He is growing fast, but cute as ever.

  3. The graduation celebrations are ended here now for us. Jill and Irene and their out of state visitors are off to the sea here, to our cabin on the Pacific Coast in Oregon. It's cool and sometimes rainy here. We will host our son for dinner today as we celebrate a laid back Father's Day.

  4. Your trip to the seaside looks great. I saw our Norwegian ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl on your pictures too! It has been hot here too, but today it has been raining, very good. Maxime is so cute-!

  5. What a sight it must be to see those Tall Ships.
    Maxime is growing up; it seems only yesterday that he was a tiny baby.
    I hope you have a good week with moderate temperatures. GM

  6. I got to see a parade of tall ships on the Hudson River in New York City many years ago. They are so impressive.

  7. Hej Catherine, jammer dat jullie dagen aan de kust al weer voorbij zijn. De grote boten zijn indrukwekkend, vooral zo met verlichting.
    Leuke foto van Maxime. Wij hebben net weer een baby in de familie, hij is nog geen week oud. Ik wens je een fijne week, hopelijk niet al te warm!


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