vendredi 9 juin 2023

Garden roses and “Champs de Bataille Castle”


This morning, I had to go and order my new glasses and this afternoon get some items I bought on a second hand site, but in fact it is very close to where I live.

It is 30degrees C today and I am staying home this afternoon. We have 10 days to go and see the Tall ships Armada in Rouen and it will be much more convenient to go after this weekend thunderstorms, the temperature will come down

This year many Pierre de Ronsard roses!
The peonies are now open.
Discovered bells in the garden, blue and white ones.
Look at this rose bush!

 Tomorrow Mr L is on duty for the whole day and on Sunday we will relax . The week has been very busy and we need some rest, bake and do some barbecue 🍖
And certainly visit the castles’ garden nearby.

(This was in winter) I must get some summer pictures for you!

4 commentaires:

  1. Not many of us have a castle to visit nearby!
    Enjoy your down time and all of those wonderful roses.

  2. The pictures are lovely and I enjoyed the little video with the rushing water.

  3. Beautiful roses and castle!
    Love from Titti

  4. Beautiful flowers!! I love the mansion!


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