jeudi 1 juin 2023

Hello June!

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Hello June!

The weather is fine and today I will continue my shed painting.

This morning my Xmas Amaryllis is starting to bloom, I already have two flowers, but four more flowers are soon opening itself. I don’t have a green thumb ( here we say a green hand) I am surprised to be successful !


My dessert for lunch ! My crumble with a little very low fat cream in my « Bol » from the Netherlands.

The weather is fine, but with the sheep 🐑 close to our house, we have lots of flies!

I use this to repel the flies! But it does not work all the time it would be better to put mosquito nets on some our windows as we also have mosquitoes 🩟 especially «  tiger mosquitoes »!

I wish you a nice month of June! Hope you are having nice weather.
I was waiting for a technician to come and I did this while waiting. This afternoon it is very hot and I will wait to paint the shed outside, that the sun ☀️ is not so hot. 

4 commentaires:

  1. What is your dessert? Will you share the recipe?

  2. Did you just draw that, or only color it in?
    We have mosquitoes here too and we have screens on all of our windows.

  3. Like Linda, I am also very curious whether you did the sketch. It looks great.
    Tiger mosquitoes are definitely not a good thing and it seems a good idea to install window screens if possible.

  4. Here in Texas we have lots of mosquitoes. I keep my bug zapper on all the time.
    Love your drawing!


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