dimanche 11 juin 2023

Going back to the castle in Summer!

Toy day Sunday, we went to visit again the castle « Champ de Bataille » we usually visit it two or three times a year on different times of the year.
There were quite a lot of people at our arrival, but as it is very big it was quiet.
These are  boxwood     Hedges and in between many lavenders, it was a nice walk with a lovely perfume!
The kitchen undergtound
All the copper saucepans.

The « cabinet de curiosités »
The cook was living in the kitchen, you can see a bed on the left.

Thé chapel

« cabinet de curiosités »

 Hope you enjoyed the visit!

3 commentaires:

  1. That place looks beautiful!

  2. With all the lavender the air must have been full of the wonderful scent.
    What a lovely place to visit.

  3. Prachtig kasteel, zowel binnen als buiten.


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