dimanche 4 juin 2023

Working outside

6 flowers on my Xmas Amaryllis 
Today, the weather being fine, we decided to stay home.

One is trimming the edge and the other has been cleaning the windows and painting.

We have many things to catch up!

I did the barbecue and cooked home made hamburgers 

With french fries.

I have cut some Pierre de Ronsard
Finally the peonies are starting to boom
This rose bush has a changing colours between light orange and cream.

The weather will continue to be fine and I will be able to work outside. Today, 23 degrees in the shade.

3 commentaires:

  1. I have been working outside too, and it is making me hurt, but I have to do it anyway.

  2. 23C is ideal working outside weather. It's what we've been having too.
    I'm amazed that your Amaryllis has SIX flowers!!

  3. Love the flowers! Beautiful...
    Happy week!


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