lundi 29 janvier 2024

Winter crafts

These are my 17 paper collage.
This activity is nice during winter days and a quiet activity. The first one I used part of a gift from Mari ( the pink flowers) from “My little corner of the world “
I will collect them in a

I also used the roses from Mari’s gift on this page.
I am also crocheting  some bright colours!


7 commentaires:

  1. I like the first one very much. I love chocolate! :)

  2. A great way to bring beauty to the dreary winter months.

  3. Very pretty! Looks like a perfect winter activity.
    I like the crochet too. I didn't know you did that!

  4. Prachtige collages. Mooie kleuren van je haakwerk.
    Fijne dag!

  5. Such pretty collages. A perfect activity for housebound days when you aren't feeling too well.


Working hard on our project.

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