vendredi 26 janvier 2024

I am back!

Hello Friends !

Here I am! It was hard time , but it went well and the results are good. I came back yesterday afternoon
They gave me morphine so I was a bit sleepy, but had no pain. This morning the clinic just phoned to know how I was feeling. Yesterday my husband had to stay with me all day ( clinic’s order)
And today I am on my own.
Before I went to the clinic I made this small album made with three envelopes and vintages post cards I had in a drawer.
One is for a wedding Anniversary, the other for Easter and the other one from a little girl to her grandmother 
I have taken the Xmas decorations off.

Bandit is very happy mum came back home.

It is windy and grey today and 10 C

 Now there are health problems in Dubaï and I am very worried , I am not able to go now, but the other grandma may be able to go in February to help before the birth of the baby. I hope to be able to go after the birth in March. There are problems with the baby
And my son must have a second surgery. Lot of stress there are I keep in touch with my son any time.
It is hard when you live far away!
The next scanner for the baby is beginning of February 
Hope everything goes well.
May I ask for your prayers for our coming grandson 
Prayers are needed. Thank you so much.

8 commentaires:

  1. It is very good that all went well and the results are good. When I had the same 1.5 years ago I did not get morphine, so it was a little bit painful.
    I hope that all will go well with the baby. It is not good to have so much stress and to know that you can not go to Dubai immediately.

  2. So much happening in your family now, I will pray! It is good to hear it went well with you, I wish you a good recovery.

  3. I'm so thankful you are home and that it went well. Your cards are very cute!
    I'm so sorry to hear of problems in Dubai. Praying for them!

  4. Glad you are at home again. But... so much concern for your family, that is not good for your stress level. I will pray for the little one and for you and the entire family.

    I hope you can have some small moments of joy in between. Just sit quietly, look at a flower, gaze out the window, have a tea moment, make a postcard...

    Glad to hear that you're doing well and they gave you a little bit of morphine. xxx out of The Netherlands

  5. So sorry to hear that there are problems overseas. It is hard not to be able to be there, my son lives in Australia, too far away for me to be able to go if they have problems. Praying for your family and your health.

  6. Dear Catherine, I am so glad to read that you are home again and that things went well in the clinic. I am so sorry about the health problems in Dubai, and I will pray for your little unborn grandson and your family. It's very hard to be so far away at times like these. Aritha gave some good advice about how to cope with stress.

  7. You have my thoughts and caring as you and your family work through these latest causes for worry. The best you can do now is to take good care of yourself and heal.

  8. Good news that you are home and getting well, but worrying situations for you son and the unborn baby. Hopefully all will turn out fine. Meanwhile take care of yourself and try not to worry ( I know how hard that is).


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