vendredi 19 janvier 2024

Colder and colder days

 Hello Friends,

I was going to do a blog pause, but in between my two medical exams I have a few days free and the scenery outside is so beautiful that I want to share them with you.

We had -14C last night in Normandy and next week we should have …+18 C???? ( 6,8 F to 64,8 F) this is the translation.

Pictures are taken from our field behind the house.

( I had the MIR results no other surgery on the spine cord only a herniated disc painful but no surgery for the moment only painkillers)

The roads are without ice now except in the countryside 

Small roads, we are waiting -9 C on Saturday and that’ll be the last cold day.

I hope you’ll have a nice weekend. Tomorrow we are going food shopping and maybe a nice walk in the snow!

8 commentaires:

  1. It is beautiful with snow, but cold!

  2. That is serious snow. Take care. Glad your results are showing no need for further surgery,

  3. Such good news - that you won't need surgery, and I hope the disc heals well. It does take time.
    Beautiful snow scenes. I love the way snow transforms the landscape. It looks much the same as ours which is beginning to melt today. Those temperatures are so cold!

  4. We are gradually warming up to our typical winter weather. You seem to be having extremes.
    I'm sorry that you will have to continue to deal with pain. If you read my last post you will see that sometimes the medical answer is to keep on managing and be glad it isn't worse, I guess.

  5. Brrrr! It looks pretty but cold.
    I'm glad you don't need more surgery at this time.

  6. It's so pretty - but cold! We are supposed to be at -19 c tonight, but warming next week.
    Glad you aren't needing back surgery but I hope they can have some treatment for your painful back.
    Enjoy your shopping tomorrow!

  7. Fijn dat je niet geopereerd hoeft te worden. Prachtig besneeuwde tuin en helemaal met een zonnetje erbij. Fijn weekend!


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