dimanche 28 janvier 2024

Along the river.

Yesterday was a nice day with sun.
I wanted to go out ne get some fresh air.
We decided to go and get a hat I saw on sale last week and it was still there!
This is the view from the bridge.
This Sunday morning frost is back.
This is the old ferry that was crossing the river Seine before the building of the bridge 
We have to cross the bridge to go home as we live on the other side of the river.
We walked along the river. The river Seine is very wide from this point and there is a nice long walk.

 No river cruise boat this weekend, some of them come from Paris and go to Honfleur.

Today we are resting before a new week!

5 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful views!
    Glad you felt well enough to get out and that the hat was still there!

  2. Nice that you could get out and have a lovely walk.

  3. The Sunday morning frost is beautiful. I am happy that you could have a walk and had fresh air. You needed them very much.

  4. Beautiful views, Catherine. I'm glad you had a good day out. We were on a river cruise from Paris to Honfleur several years ago. I loved seeing that part of France and visiting Giverny, Auvers sur L' Oise, and Rouen. Also the Canadian landing beaches.

  5. Mooie wandeling langs de Seine.


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