jeudi 11 janvier 2024

Sunny but always cold.

 Today it is sunny and the snow is melting.

I am not doing much but resting. This morning my son has sent me the ultra sound of their second baby.
I am glad to see my future second grandson as I won’t be able to go to Dubai for his birth , beginning of March. He should be born by the 8th my son’s Birthday. For the moment everything goes well and my DIL should not have a second Ceasarean this time.
It is 3 degrees outside and I will put the heater up
Staying seated I feel cold.
I hope you don’t have too much cold and snow where you live.
See you soon.

4 commentaires:

  1. What a nice baby face!:)
    It is - 1 degree outside and I am sitting in my warm room. I should go outside to take fresh air but I have a good book and I am reading.
    I was busy until noon and I decided to have some rest.
    All the best to you, I think of you a lot!

  2. It's exciting to know that the time is fast approaching for the birth!!

  3. I'm so glad for technology so you can see these images and be in close contact with your family in Dubai in spite of not being able to go visit. Sitting still does make one feel the cold. Wrap up warmly and stay near the heat, if you can. Take good care, dear Catherine.

  4. I love the ultrasound picture. It's amazing what they can see now.
    It's cold here with a big storm coming. They've already closed the schools and offices for tomorrow. We're supposed to get 10-12 inches by tomorrow night, and high winds.


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