lundi 15 janvier 2024

Blog pause.

 Dear Friends,

I am going to do a blog pause, my appointments due to my health problems will start tomorrow and I will be busy. It should snow a lot tomorrow and I booked a taxi

To go to the clinic in Rouen. I hope everything goes well on the road.

Saturday I bought a bunch of dried flowers on sale half price. In the 80’s dried flowers bunches were fashionable in the decoration, I had plenty of them hung on the ceiling beams.

I hope to see you soon with good news.

Take good care. 

10 commentaires:

  1. I also hope that you will come back soon with good news. Take care of yourself! Hugs.

  2. Give yourself time. I hope all will go well.

  3. Best wishes for your health and that the appointments will go good.

  4. I hope you will get the answers to some of your questions. I am looking for answers too.

  5. I am praying your time at the clinic goes well and you get some answers!

  6. We will be thinking of you and praying that your time at the clinic will go well.

  7. Take care. Indeed, I hope you come back with good news. Warm regards from the Netherlands.

  8. De beste wensen voor een voorspoedig herstel. Hartelijke groet Willy

  9. Hope you fare well at the doctors!
    Be safe...


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