vendredi 5 janvier 2024

Les rois mages, the wise men.

The one on the left with fruits is the speciality from the south part of France.
( source: ZZZOe)

 Hello Friends,

Today is Epiphany and we will buy a « galette des rois » we will go to the patisserie and choose our Galette.

Usually it is an almond filling «  frangipane » but here in Normandy we can find apple ones.

In the old days there was a  bean inside it and now it is a little charm, each patisserie choose its own charms and some people are collecting them.

When you find the charm you are the king or the queen and you have to choose you queen or your king and you got a gold paper crown!

The problem is that it last the whole month of January and eating a lot of Galettes is very fattening 😆 !

For my part I ´d rather like the apple one and only two of them.

Do you have any galette for epiphany ? Or any other custom?

I wish you a good weekend !

7 commentaires:

  1. I'm Catholic and should be celebrating the Epiphany but just haven't.
    Love those cakes, though!
    Stay warm sweet friend!

  2. We don't have any traditions for Epiphany and I've never had galettes. Eat a bite for me!

  3. The cakes looks so good! We don't have any traditions to celebrate the day. But it is called the last day of Christmas .

  4. We don't have any special tradition to mark the day but it is my oldest son's birthday so that makes it special.
    I think collecting the little charms from the galette des rois is a great idea💗

  5. Epiphany is not widely celebrated here, except maybe to note it as the last day of Christmas, and time to take your lights down.
    I would choose almond! But not the whole thing!

  6. We don't have any traditions for Epiphany here, but a galette sounds delicious!

  7. happy new year Catherine !
    may it bring health peace and joy to you and family


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