jeudi 1 décembre 2022

Keeping busy

( source Edith Holden’s book) 
Here we are! December and Christmas 🎄 very soon now.
I had a chat this morning with my son as they have four days off.
They did the Christmas tree with Christmas Carols like I always did with my children and now my son continues with his son!

This is what I baked this morning. ( for Linda . Mr L eats most of them 😆)
This is what to use to make Bredele , Xmas little biscuits a speciality from the East part of the country 
And other European countries.

I am using my crazy plastic to make Christmas Tags!
This is the new electric machine I will try this year  to make Bredele I found it last summer at Aldi.

 I am enjoying myself preparing Christmas 🎅 !

Even if I would have liked Maxime and his parents to be there. This morning I saw him during one hour during his meal and playing with Daddy. For the moment he understands only English. 

I had a phone call this morning from a retirement home
in the small country town where I always go shopping 
12 km from home. I must go and prepare her admission next week , and she is due to enter the place soon.

These are the news for today!

3 commentaires:

  1. Happy December days to you, Catherine! You are staying busy with baking and crafting and it's all looking very festive. I bake cookies and my husband is the one who eats most of them, too. Isn't it lovely to think of your son passing on family traditions to his son?
    I hope your mother's move to the retirement home goes very well.

  2. I was wondering how you can keep your slim figure for all of the fashionable clothes you wear. You have the fun of baking and then feed them to hubby.
    We have been busy decorating. When that's done, the baking will start.
    Best wishes for a smooth transition for your mother.

  3. The electric cookie press should make forming the Bredele easier for you. Hopefully your mother will not find the adjustment to the home too difficult. Lots of things for you to cope with.


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