vendredi 2 décembre 2022



I needed to go away from home today! Too much stress
And phone calls from the retirement homes today and too much worries to do everything correctly and on time. So I went out and took pictures for you and had a look at the ones I like best! Nutcrackers !
This is a   Garden center i have never been to before
The Christmas decoration is quite nice don’t you think so?
I went to buy food for the birds, because we won’t have time tomorrow.
I heard on our regional TV that snow is due tonight ⛄️ 
Today I drove back home around 4 and the sky was very grey and the temperature is around zero.
I wish we have a white December and a white Christmas ! NOEL.
Tonigh Friday Mr L is bringing the dinner after work!
So glad!!

7 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful!

    Happy Snow! Send some our way (Southeastern USA)! 😀

  2. I hope those fun and pretty decorations lifted your spirits.
    WE have had snow off and on all week, but not enough to make driving hazardous here anyway.
    I have two nut crackers, one my MIL gave me many years ago and one we bought in Germany on our travels. I treasure them both.

  3. It's such a joy to see the stores all decorated for Christmas.
    We also have snow in the forecast. It's a white December for us ( not always the case). Granny Marigold

  4. The things in that store are so pretty! I love that look.
    Snow may be headed here again tomorrow.

  5. Yes sometimes you have to get away - from everything! Especially stress! What a lovely Garden center and soo many lovely thing´s... I hope the rest of the week will better for you! Take care!
    Love, Titti

  6. Walking through a nursery decorated for Christmas is such a fun thing to do. What a lovely collection of nutcrackers they have. It's good to take some time to get away and just enjoy yourself. I hope you are warm and cosy in your home while it snows. Our little bit of snow is gone and I'm wishing for more!


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