mercredi 14 décembre 2022

⛄️ Snow ⛄️⛄️ !

(Source éphéméride seasonal calendar)

Just a quick hello!
Finally it is starting to snow here!
It will be snowing during two days.
Mr L has got the flu, but fully vaccinated ?
Yesterday, I booked our weekend in a tiny house 
In Normandy by the sea. It is a present from our son.
We booked for Easter 🐣 
It will be time to rest a little!

I am still busy with my mum’s flat to move, but things are going on gently.
As I am tired by all these busy days, we will finally spend Christmas at our daughter’s new house and see her new kitchen.
This will be the first time I will not cook for Xmas!
I hope I won’t get flu 😷 by this time.
Hope you enjoy your Xmas 🎄 preparations.


4 commentaires:

  1. I'm sorry your husband is ill and I hope you don't catch the flu germs. Being sick for Christmas would be sad. How lovely it will be if the snow sticks around and you have a white Christmas.

  2. Lots of sickness here. I am hoping that you and we do not get the flu or whatever else is going around.
    We will get snow starting late this weekend. Hoping it is melted by Christmas.

  3. It looks so pretty! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and have a white Christmas.
    We also have a lot of flu around here. I'm trying to avoid it. :)
    I'm going to be on a blog break until after Christmas. So Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Snow is so pretty. We are supposed to get some on Sunday through Wednesday, and then rain will melt it all by Christmas.
    I'm sorry your husband is ill. There is a lot of flu and colds around here, and they are quite severe. I hope you stay healthy.
    It is good to recognize that you have been very busy with moving your mother into her new home, and that your daughter is willing to cook the meal for you all.


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