lundi 5 décembre 2022

The old Teddy Bear 🧾

Some years ago I found this old Teddy bear 🧾 
A child may have had it as a Christmas present very long ago. He must have cherished it during his or her life. As I lost mine who was a white Teddy who’s had been repaired and had lost his eyes, buttons replaced them! Now I am taking care of this old Teddy and he is taking a big place in all my Christmases.

A mother must have mended him on the arms, legs and body!
I love it with his vintage ribbon round his neck

He has a friendly face

He has a scar on his back like I have with my spine cord surgery!  We were made to meet! 😆 

4 commentaires:

  1. Like my spine scar too! He is a precious old bear with a wonderful story to tell. Oh, that we could only hear it!
    I have an old Teddy too, that belonged to my mother in law when she was a child, C. 1915.

  2. He is a very sweet teddy, and I love that you feel a kinship with him because of your matching scars.

  3. That teddy bear is so sweet! I'm glad you are cherishing him!

  4. That looks like a well-loved Teddy with a history. I'm glad he found a good home.


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