dimanche 4 décembre 2022

A cold weekend

We had tiny snow flakes! The temperature is going down and the wind is cold, but no thick layer of snow yet! 
This afternoon we went out to visit my mother in the hospital and now Mr L is taking the dog for a walk.

Did you have any snow?
I just drank a hot chocolate in a warm house watching to blue tits eating peanut on the garden table.
I hope you have enjoyed your day!
The coming week is going to be very busy, so I am resting today.
The delivery of my son and daughter-in-law ´s presents arrived this afternoon! Keeping them for Christmas Eve!
 ( source: ZZZOe)

5 commentaires:

  1. Lovely pictures today.
    We had rain and our snow melted. But today is so cold and windy and more snow is predicted.

  2. No snow here yet. Can I borrow yours? 😊❄️

  3. It is snowing again right now! The current temperature is 36 degrees F. Snow showers come and go. The roads stay bare and wet so driving is not affected. We've had this weather all week.

  4. What a good idea to keep the gifts from your son and DIL for Christmas eve. It will make that time extra special.

  5. No snow here, but light rain has kept the day dark and grey. I'm glad for lights and a warm fire inside. Hot chocolate sounds good, too!


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