vendredi 22 juillet 2022

Never do two things at the same time!

Today we have some « RAIN ! » and… I just cleaned the windows this morning 😆 

Nice for the garden but not for my windows.

I am dusting and rearranging my cookery books

And at the same time I baked some rhubarb tarts… I have put the right heat and time… I was busy with my books and suddenly realised they were too cooked by the smell in the kitchen !

See what’s the result!

It’s eatable but next time now I know the time is too long.

Tonight Mr L is bringing some food from a deli 
A new place. The lady from the deli has lent me this book, but Mr L ordered it in Amazon this morning, my daughter in law being veggie this is the right book to help me.

Edited by «  Hachette cuisine »

This is the picture from the book and it will be my supper. I love « Cobb salad »
I wish you a nice weekend!
 Some of my books!

( marabout)

( Hachette cuisine)

2 commentaires:

  1. I see you are having more fun cooking and thinking about cooking.

  2. I'm glad your rhubarb tarts were still edible. Good thing you smelled them getting too done.


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