lundi 8 janvier 2024

A stressing moment.

Maxime wanted to go back to see the butterflies 

He asked his parents.

 Hello Friends, 

We had a difficult weekend. On Saturday we went to do some shopping, but it was hard for me and we went back home early.

My husband bought his new vacuum cleaner to do his home cleaning ! He continued his work when we came back. In fact it’s nice that housework is a hobby for him

As I can’t do much at the moment 😆 

He continued on Sunday and we took all the Christmas decorations back in their boxes.

On Sunday afternoon we had a Skype with our son and Maxime. It was going on well and his mother was eating an apricot, she put the apricot stone in her plate 

When suddenly Maxime who was next to her grabbed the stone and swallowed it!

It was a panic! But he did not chocked. My husband 

Told them to go to the urgencies and then Skype stopped and no news! We were so worried we really had a shock waiting for some news.

Well after medical examination the apricot stone is not stuck and did not make any damage ! And is not toxic.

What a relief !

Today, we are feeling better after this difficult time.

I made some pumpkin soup , oatmeal biscuits and rice pudding and will rest this afternoon.

Today the cold weather has arrived it is cold and windy

The feeling will be - 12 C. So better stay inside! 

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh, Poor Maxime! I'm SO glad it all worked out!! God had His Hand on him!
    Hope you get better soon dear lady!

  2. Oh Maxime! That is so scary. I'm glad he's ok.
    I love that your husband enjoys cleaning, I think all wives would appreciate that.
    I hope you are soon feeling better.

  3. Ooh, that is chilly weather. Pumpkin soup will be delicious and warming. So glad that the apricot stone didn't get stuck and Maxime is okay.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. -12C equals 10 F, which is well below freezing. I declare that COLD!
    I'm glad Maxime is OK. That was a scare.
    Enjoy watching your husband use his new toy. :-)

  5. It is such a relief to know that the apricot pit didn't get stuck. Scary times for parents ( and grandparents too).


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