lundi 3 janvier 2022

Put some colours in your life.

Flowers and colours !

 Hello Friends,

Our last day of the year was very quiet.

My husband and I ,had some seafood for our supper and  at 9 O’Clock we had a call from our son in Dubai and had messenger conversation between the six of us.

My daughter spending the evening ( only the two of them) in their log cabin eating a « raclette » melted cheese on potatoes with ham. She did not want to gather with other people as the hospital were she works is very contaminated.

In fact we wished us Happy New Year at 9, because it was midnight in Dubai and we watched the fireworks 

On the Burj Khalifa. Then, we watched Tv and went to bed before midnight.

On the first of January , as usual ( and more this year) my husband and I make plans for the coming year and work hard in the house and make some changes.

Mr L also sorted out some papers to begin a new year and also did a little painting.

Today, I will be going to our local Do it yourself store to get all what we need for our projects.

This is how we started the year! We will have very grey skies and rain all week, so I enjoyed choosing some paint and see all the colours of the flowers and goldfish !

And what about you?

Today, it is raining and I had to go to the store as I needed some items to work.

4 commentaires:

  1. What beautiful shops you have. Maybe it is the supply-chain problem in the U.S., but we do not have the usual flowering azaleas and orchids and mini roses that are usually out now. I love color all of the time, but especially in the bleak part of the winter, January and February. It sounds as if you and your husband have made some good plans for the New Year and the continued renovation of your house.

  2. I love the flowers in garden shops in winter. Next time I go to the grocery store I will buy flowers for my kitchen table. I'll do that until I have flowers again in my yard.
    We are busy packing away all of the Christmas decorations. One more day to go.

  3. It looks like a great place to shop! And I think some fun projects will be happening at your place.

  4. It would lift the spirits to visit a shop with all those beautiful flowers! I have some hyacinths that I hope will bloom indoors soon and provide some colour here.
    Enjoy those new projects!


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